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Indoor led display screen Dubai

LED Screen

Experience visual brilliance like never before with DAC's cutting-edge technology and vibrant display. Immerse yourself in lifelike colours, crystal-clear images, and stunning visuals that captivate your senses.

LED Screen Products:

1. Outdoor LED Screen
2. Indoor LED Screen
3. Transparent LED Screen
4. Flexible LED Screen
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led video wall screen in Dubai

LCD Screen

Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals with its vibrant colours and crystal-clear LCD screen. DAC's cutting-edge LCD technology and sleek design make it the number one choice for discerning individuals seeking excellence. Unleash the power of visual perfection with DAC.

LCD Screen Products:

1. LCD Video Walls
2. LCD Interactive Screen
3. LCD Video Wall Touch Screen
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Led signage Dubai


From towering billboards to interactive digital panels, DAC transforms the cityscape into a mesmerizing visual experience. Stay ahead with DAC, the number one choice for signage in Dubai.

Signages Products:

1. Outdoor Signs
2. Indoor Signs
3. 2D & 3D Signs
4. Phylon & Unipole Signs
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Brand signage Dubai


Experience unrivalled precision and impeccable quality with DAC, the leading printing solution in Dubai, UAE. Trust the best and let your vision come to life with DAC.

Printing Products:

1. Fabric Print
2. Flex & Banner Printing
3. Rollup & Popup Printing
4. Vehicle Graphics
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Digital sign companies in Dubai

Rental Screen

DAC sets the stage for unforgettable experiences, delivering unparalleled quality and seamless integration. Choose DAC, the number one choice for rental screens in Dubai.

Rental Screen Products:

1. Indoor Rental Screen
2. Outdoor Rental Screen
3. Poster Rental Screen
4. Interactive Rental Screen
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Signage and branding companies in Dubai

Exhibition & Events

Step into a world of captivating experiences with DAC, Dubai's visionary Exhibition & Event space designer. Unveiling a tapestry of exhibitions and events that redefine excellence, DAC crafts immersive spaces where creativity thrives. Witness art, innovation, and culture convergence as our expert team orchestrates remarkable showcases. Embark on a journey of discovery, where every event becomes an unforgettable memory.

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