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DAC is a renowned LED screen supplier in Dubai that has been providing high-quality and technologically advanced LED screens to its customers for years..

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DAC is a leading signage company in UAE that has been providing high-quality signage solutions for over a decade.

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Indoor LED Screen Supplier in Dubai

If you are searching for a high-quality indoor LED screen in Dubai, then DAC should be your go to choice

Outdoor LED Screen Suppliers in Dubai

LED Screen in Dubai

Maximize your visibility with our high-resolution LED Screen in Dubai, strategically located for optimal reach. Perfect for advertising, events, and more.

LED Screen in dubai

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For indoor events like conferences, award shows, exhibitions, corporate events, and award shows, high resolution indoor LED screens are the ideal display option. Indoor LED screen Dubai provides stunning, high-impact video and photos that will wow your audience. Our indoor LED screen Dubai panels are easy to install, silent, and portable. They work well in both big and little sets.

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We are one of the leading outdoor LED screen suppliers Dubai. You have a wide viewing angle and can see excellent images. Our outdoor LED displays are extremely weather-resistant and have a high waterproof grade. For outdoor LED displays, we employ energy-efficient ICs so that long-term users may save money. We Are thebest outdoor LED screen suppliers Dubai

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We have been at the forefront of providing the best LED video wall screen in Dubai, generating amazing installations. Our highly skilled staff can design and construct any bespoke LED video wall screen in Dubai. Every respected entertainment venue, whether for live sports or any other crowd-pulling event, now incorporates LED video walls of varied sizes to improve the experience.

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Why DAC Best in Indoor LED Screen Dubai

The indoor LED display is the highest-definition product in the indoor full-colour LED display series. The indoor LED screen Dubai may be used for a number of purposes, such as releasing video commercials, playing high-definition video movies and TV episodes, and so on. An indoor LED display has a higher brightness. The indoor LED display can have a long life if the current and voltage are set correctly and they have an indoor viewing angle of more than 160 degrees. They are ideal for large-screen seamless splicing and high-definition display screens. DAC’s indoor LED screen Dubai is lead-free, therefore ecologically friendly.

Why DAC Best in Outdoor LED Screen Suppliers in Dubai

As a leading outdoor LED screen suppliers in Dubai, we always recommend it for all outdoor event production. Visual and aural elements might be two of the most crucial components of an event production, and due to their excellent quality, they are the obvious choice that is certain to enhance your outdoor space. We may scale them to any shape or size in accordance with your specific specifications, making them entirely customizable. As a result, they are perfect for anything from enormous stadiums and arenas to festivals, smaller trade exhibits, business events, product launches, and exhibitions. Use your LED screen for occasions that call for a brightly lighted display and when you need to make sure that material and performances can be viewed and appreciated from hundreds of yards away.

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Ads displayed on digital signage boards have a far better reach than an ordinary billboard. People tend to watch ads on these digital boards more than any ordinary hoarding. When the content is dynamic, you are more likely to get better reach because it isn’t boring. We at DAC dubai are constantly investing in cutting-edge technology and innovating to provide our clients with great experiences as well as standout branding and communication assets. We are here to deliver and get you on the path of delivering great value, whether it is a signage board or an LED screen in Dubai. Digital signage is one of the most promising and fastest-growing industries combining AV and IT technology.

LED Screen Advertising Dubai
LED Screen Advertising Dubai



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We are forever ready to assist you with your advertising needs & expectations. Email us sales@dacdubai.com, we will get back to you, or alternatively you can give us a call at +971 42567971


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After discussing your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quote.


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Once the quote has been accepted, we start working on technical and design specifications, as well as council applications.


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Once we are confirmed upon your preferences and the choice of colours, specs and materials you are fond of, we put In the required workforce into it, and get it fully synced with great efforts, making the end product truly irresistable.



After gaining site permission, we send our team with your truly irresistible completed signage/digital screen to your site and will execute completion.


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Specialized in all the corners of Advertising, We assure you the highest quality grading, be it in terms of outdoor/indoor signage, large-scale digital screen displays, personalised corporate gift items, or exhibitory/event requirements.

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We keep offering our superior types of assistance in giving quality signages at nominal costs

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We understand timely inconveniences, which is why we are geared up with the professional teams to execute hefty ventures within the given timeframe.

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Our expert team is ready to provide comprehensive support for the products. From technical assistance to troubleshooting and maintenance, we're here to ensure the products perform optimally and meet your business requirements.

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Dubai Advertising company

Dubai Advertising company is a group of companies, has a legacy of 15 years in the UAE Market. Being the leading suppliers and integrators of advertising products and technologies with a robust supply network, our strong network helps to cater for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the Emirates, including other GCC countries and the African continent.

Life today is on move, with the people wandering out of their homes. Streets, malls, stores and transportation hubs are potentially the places they are on move at. The task of reaching out to these ‘mobile audiences’ with advertisements or any information can be challenging, but not if there is an LED screen! To help you install such an LED screen in Dubai, dacdubai is all-set with a variety of related services. Dacdubai is one of the leading Digital screen suppliers in Dubai, dedicated to provide reliable LED screen service in Dubai.

Brighten Your Space: Leading LED Screen Supplier in Dubai

Upgrade your visual presence with high-quality LED screens in Dubai. As the leading supplier, we offer innovative solutions for impactful displays. Elevate your events and presentations, boosting brand visibility through advanced LED screen technology. Rely on us to illuminate your message, captivating your audience with vivid visuals. Opt for excellence—choose our LED screens for unparalleled clarity and brilliance in Dubai

Are you in search of a trusted LED screen supplier in Dubai? Your solution lies with DAC Dubai! We excel in delivering premium LED displays, offering state-of-the-art solutions for your visual requirements. Rely on us for superior-quality screens that elevate your events, presentations, and brand presence. Explore our diverse range of innovative LED displays to leave a lasting impact. Opt for DAC Dubai for unmatched excellence in LED screen technology. Upgrade your visual experience with us!

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LED Screen Supplier in Dubai

DAC is the best in LED screen advertising Dubai has ever come across. For a greater impact, it is worth choosing the leading LED display screen supplier in Dubai, DAC. As a leading LED screen supplier in Dubai, we offer easy-assembly LED screens and a variety of pixel-pitches, which allows them to adapt to any size and viewing distance with an unbeatable brightness. Big LED screens in Dubai are usually placed next to a shop’s light sign and brand images. They are also ideal for broadcasting offers, promotions, and product images. We are the best outdoor LED screen supplier in Dubai for good value for money, waterproofing and safety. The business appeal can be further enhanced by the indoor LED display screens in Dubai for shops and shop windows. DAC’s LED screens for shops and businesses will be the best-LED screens in Dubai. Besides being ideal for branding, our LED video wall screens in Dubai also allow you to launch advertisements and messages that will attract the attention of passers-by.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using LED signage boards in Dubai?

LED signage boards offer unparalleled brightness, clarity, and versatility, making them ideal for grabbing attention and conveying messages effectively in Dubai's vibrant environment. They are energy-efficient, durable, and can be customized to suit various indoor and outdoor applications.

Where can I find a reliable indoor LED screen supplier in Dubai?

DAC Dubai is a trusted indoor LED screen supplier in Dubai, offering premium quality screens tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our advanced LED solutions provide stunning visuals for indoor spaces, enhancing engagement and communication with your audience.

Are there any reputable LED screen suppliers in the UAE?

Yes, DAC Dubai is one of the leading LED screen suppliers in the UAE, providing a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens for sale. Our products are known for their exceptional performance, reliability, and innovative features.

How can I purchase an outdoor LED screen in Dubai?

DAC Dubai offers outdoor LED screens for sale in Dubai, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver captivating visuals for outdoor advertising, events, and digital signage. Contact us today to explore our range of outdoor LED solutions.

Who are the top digital sign companies in Dubai?

DAC Dubai is among the top digital sign companies in Dubai, specializing in LED signage, digital displays, and interactive solutions. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we help businesses elevate their brand presence and engage audiences effectively.