Benefit of Signage Company

DAC as one of the best Outdoor LED Screen supplier in Dubai offer a wide range of LED display products that provide exceptional image quality and robust product quality to help businesses reach new heights. committed to illuminating every step of your journey with high-quality, energy-efficient, and visually appealing LED professional lighting products and solutions. Outdoor LED displays, which have the characteristics of various forms of expression, strong plasticity, high arrival rate, and good transmission effect, also have many advantages, such as a strong influence on mobile people, stronger reality, repeated demands, high information arrival rate, and so on.

No light pollution

When outdoor LED displays bring a new predicament and influence to outdoor advertising, the media industry is gradually developing a medialization trend, which has enormous development potential. DAC offers a special design with a light sensor, and the screen’s brightness can be adjusted based on ambient brightness. This function not only saves energy but also helps to avoid light pollution.

Outdoor fixed LED displays are the most common type of LED display found and used

The moment you start looking for outdoor LED screens, you will notice that they have taken over events, exhibitions and much more; Outdoor LEDs are the oldest and most popular LED displays on the market. The super cabinets are environmentally friendly and use 30-40% less power than other outdoor LED displays. The high permeability LED display screen is combined with high brightness (more than 12000nit) plug-in lamp, which not only does not interfere with indoor lighting and sight but can also play all kinds of exquisite and elegant pictures, presenting a perfect visual effect.

Our Goal

DAC will continue to focus on technology and product innovation, actively integrate favourable resources and let the DAC large-size screen light up more cities around UAE. When we sculpt our company as an excellent brand image in UAE, we will bring a high-quality visual experience to global users at the same time, to help build a better future.

Considering the environment, DAC performed detailed analysis and design on aspects such as moisture-proofing, dust proofing, and maintenance, among others. Strict control over material purchases. Contact DAC Outdoor LED Screen supplier in Dubai for the best quality LED Screen.


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