Benefit of Outdoor Led Screen

We focus on understanding the sign’s purpose and intended application while keeping your budget, timeline, and project feasibility in mind. This allows us to get a sense of your expectations and how we can best meet them by making your project a reality. A highly recommended visit to our facility can assist you in discovering our capabilities and assessing our in-house core competencies so that you can feel confident about partnering with us.

Visual display of your brand

The sign you use should bring your business concept to life by instilling a sense of connectedness in your customers. A well-crafted and personalized signage are essential in enticing people to associate with your brand. Choosing the right partner to fabricate your sign can be difficult, but once you and your partner find a common ground that aligns with your vision, the expertly fabricated signage can do wonders for your business. DAC – A signage company in Dubai is here to serve you.


Our technical team examines your signage concept and design to ensure that it has been engineered in accordance with the specifications and guidelines. Our 3D production designers work with our technical team to create a rendering of how the sign will look once it is installed. A site inspection is performed before production as this is a required aspect of our procedures.

Following preparation, our team returns to the installation site to ensure compliance with specifications and guidelines. The sign is then installed and illuminated to bring your concept to life and increase the public visibility of your business. Both artwork and lighting play an important role in enhancing the sign’s grandeur, as the colour and type of light can drastically alter the overall appearance of the signboard. Before being dispatched for installation, the sign is tested at our facility for quality assurance and to ensure it meets your specific needs.

At DAC – A signage company in Dubai we believe in standing by your vision and executing your projects with the utmost skill, as our goal is to ensure that your company projects the right image.


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