Benefit of Large Format Printing

Benefits of large format printing to grow your business

Large format digital printing in Dubai are eco friendly and digitally produced, making them a low-cost, long-lasting material that brands your company in all weather conditions while dominating the market.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

Your company can create long-lasting, vivid, clear information and pictures that can be observed from a distance by going for large format digital printing in Dubai. The information about discounts and offers on large format material will attract the attention of target consumers in your target market and help to brand your company. Large-format printing also draws potential clients at trade events or exhibitions by integrating innovative banners in the presentation, which generates leads for your business.

It’s also visually appealing, which means you’ll get greater ROI from clients down the street or at a busy trade event. You will capture the consumer’s attention, resulting in increased sales and stronger brand loyalty.

Long-lasting low-cost Materials

Posters and signs are exposed to the environment for an extended time; therefore, they must be able to maintain the quality of your brand. Large format digital printing in Dubai can withstand continuous exposure to a variety of weather variables because it is made of UV-resistant and durable materials.

Signboards and vehicle graphics must be resistant to the elements and weather while also being adaptable and long-lasting. Large format printing is the way to go if you need something that can survive the elements. Because wide-format printers print digitally, heavy, expensive plates are not required when producing high-quality prints.

So, if you want long-lasting brand posters, go with large format digital printing in Dubai like DAC, which offers durability and large display space, allowing your brand and product to be both eye-catching and noticeable to the public.

Types of Printing Services We Provide To Improve Your Brand

With each job, we use a solution-oriented approach and take pleasure in creating outstanding results that are durable, appealing, and competitively priced.

Our large format printing service includes

1. Roll-up Banners

Pop Up displays and Roll Up banners are an easy and cost-effective way to promote your brand or product at exhibits, trade fairs, product launches, and point of sale events. They are not only simple to assemble but they can also be easily transported. We exclusively use high-quality, long-lasting print supplies to ensure that the colors are vibrant and the visuals last for multiple events.

2. Retail Graphics

It is essential in the retail industry to make a good first impression on your customers. Retail graphics can assist you in developing your own brand identity and successfully communicating with your target audience. We offer low-cost retail graphics such as display cards, hanging signage, cut-outs, custom-printed wallpapers, and much more.

3. Graphics for the Exhibition

If you have an upcoming exhibition or conference, we can assist you in putting up a brilliant unique display that will draw a crowd. At DAC, we will complete the task on schedule and according to your specifications, from producing the visual content to selecting a big format printing choice that meets your needs.

4. Flags and Banners

If you’re looking for a unique and creative strategy to get your customer’s attention at a busy trade show, consider using flags and banners. In each project, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with our client’s demands and strive to create flags and banners that meet all of them.

5. Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are undeniably one of the most effective kinds of display marketing. It can assist you in claiming space not only on the streetscape but also on the skyline. At DAC, we aim to design, print, and install outdoor signs that will withstand the elements and help you reach your business goals. We can design posters for any event or trade show based on your specifications.

6. Window Displays and Wall Stickers

The correct graphics can help in creating a distinct and bright atmosphere for your café, restaurant, or retail establishment. Thanks to our professional team of designers and cutting-edge printing technology, we specialize in producing high-quality wall vinyl and window graphics that will help you make a strong first impression.

7. Floor Graphics

These are incredibly effective display advertising mediums for reaching out to potential clients. They can be used to guide clients to specific destinations, advertise events, or reinforce brand identification. We can create UV-resistant and waterproof floor graphic stickers using our high-definition large format printer.

8. Backlit Posters

Backlit posters are an eye-catching and engaging way to reach out to your target audience. They can be utilized as both interior and outdoor promotional signs in retail businesses, tourist attractions, hospitals, and a variety of other locations. Our backlit posters are a great solution for light boxes because they are produced in lifelike colors on translucent UV light box material.

9. Canvas Prints

Turn your images into a stunning canvas that you can put on your wall. Our stretched canvas prints are ideal for both business and residential environments and are constructed from premium, lightweight cloth with a high-quality finish to bring out the color in the image. To begin, select your preferred canvas size!

10. Posters

In public spaces, posters have traditionally been a powerful source of communication. Custom created posters can assist you in conveying your marketing message to your target audience beautifully and memorably. We create large format digital printing in Dubai for posters in various sizes, including A2, A1, and A0. Furthermore, we only utilize the highest quality inks to give your posters the unique look they demand.

As one of the most creative large format digital printing in Dubai, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects. Please contact our experts with your requirements as soon as possible. While branding is important, so is selecting the correct file format. Let’s look at how to prepare your photographs for large format printing and which file type is appropriate for large format printing.

Image Preparation

The files should be incorrect standards and specifications to achieve the best results. This will not only speed up the overall process, but it will avoid any issues during printing and save both time and money. To help you ensure your image looks as good printed as it does on a screen, we’ve put together a quick guide on preparing your files.

Best file format

The best file formats for large format printing are PDF or TIFF files. PDF files are versatile and can manage image compression very well, while TIFF files are highly compatible and can be opened with almost any software. The TIFF, or tagged image file format, is used when image quality is paramount and file size is not a concern. This is the preferred file format for a lot of professional photographers since it uses something called lossless compression. JPEG files are the most commonly used option, and the format uses a process called loss compression to shrink an image’s file size.

Right Size and Resolution

A piece of artwork’s visual range refers to how close someone will be to it once it has been printed. This can aid in finding the best resolution. For example, if you’re designing a large billboard that will be visible from 40 meters away, a high dpi isn’t required. Having such a large file size is pointless because the human eye cannot see this detail.

We recommend using a resolution of 300dpi if you will be near an image. The lower the dpi, the greater the distance. We recommend 75dpi after you’re around 10 yards away. So, if you intend to print large format digitals in Dubai, go through the best large format digital printing in Dubai like DAC to give you the best results.


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