Benefit of Digital Screen

DAC is one of the leading Digital Screen Suppliers in Dubai. DAC LED Screens are brighter and clearer in the most challenging environment. It is intended for quick and easy maintenance from both the front and back. Each module can be unlocked by turning it 180 degrees from the back or rear. We supply signboards to the leading corporates in UAE.

Low Power Consumption

We have minimized our environmental footprint in ways better than others. For starters, highly efficient LEDs management decreases the amount of power wasted when bringing electricity to the LED tiles. Unlike many LED screens, our screen comes with energy-efficient hardware components that combine with the running software to preserve power.

High Sync Rate

The response time of an LED display determines how often the content on the display repeats in one second. DAC LED displays has a refresh rate of 5,000, which eliminates the image shimmering effect and allows people to watch the display day and night.

Uniform Color & High Contrast

First-selection LEDs are used in the construction of our LED screens. LEDs are chosen with a hue tolerance of only a few nanometers to assure 100% colour uniformity. It is possible to work without air conditioning. The technology is powered by a unique built-in ventilation system. The built-in cooling mechanism has been thoroughly tested and has proven to be effective.

Our extensive selection of high pitch indoor LED screens creates a smooth canvas for displaying any digital content. They are simpler to install and provide long-term performance. They are available in a wide range of sizes and provide a bright and clear image in any indoor situation. Use our displays to create large Interactive walls and Interactive Floor surfaces and convert any space into an unforgettable experience. These touchless interactive displays will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for users. Use them for a variety of applications like as active gaming, instructions, communications, and digital interior design to engage your customers. If you want the best always use the best Digital screen suppliers in Dubai like DAC.


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