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LED Screen

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What is an LED display? How does it work?

Light Emitting Diode (LED), compared with rival incandescent bulbs, illumination is not produced by heating a metal filament. Produces the light when the current flowing through two specially coated silicon semiconductors. Because of this energy loss is very minimal, and LED’s are the most energy-efficient and power-saving ways to produce light. An LED contains of solid materials without movable parts and is moulded into transparent plastic. This guarantees high durability. When an LED is on, it emits almost zero heat. This reduces the problem of cooling the electronic parts. From the first invention of LED light in 1927, the application and usage have improved year by year. For many years, it was only possible to produce infrared, red and yellow LEDs. In the Year 1994 that Japanese scientist Shuji Nakamura was able to create a blue LED, then later white and green led developed, and it set the foundation of the LED revolution Nowadays, These diodes can see almost any electronic equipment. An LED display consists of Series of LEDs. By varying the illumination of each LED, the diodes jointly form an image on the screen. An LED display consists of red, green and blue LEDs mounted directly on a printed circuit board (SMD-Surface mounted Devices) or (DIP-a Dual in-line package). To generate a vivid colour image, additive colour mixing principles are used, whereby new colours are created by mixing light in different colour intensities. The three primary colours combine to form a pixel. Adjusting the diode intensity can form billions of colours


These LED Adaptable Modules can be joined through magnets to practically any surface. The Adaptable Modules have explicit outlining structure constructed and created to accomplish your specific idea and execution, with each undertaking being specific. This LED Series has complete front maintenance, an efficient answer for indoor LED screen establishments in Dubai while guaranteeing the top-notch norms you can expect from Dubai Advertising Company.

Economy Series is accessible in the accompanying pixel pitches: P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3, P4


Resolution is a frequent key in the installations that take place all over the 7 Emirates. The Economy Series offers a wide pixel pitch range guaranteeing you take full advantage of your value spent. Pixels available in this specific Series include. 3mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm Each Economic Series Cabinet has both completely front and back serviceable (Depends on pixel Pitch), considering simple on location upkeep over the life expectancy of your video divider. The Economy Series LED Cabinet is explicitly intended for simple divider mounting arrangements where its lightweight and oversimplified configuration joins to standard Uni-Swagger framework. Strong mounting openings are set for simple connection to construction or surface.


The Flexible LED Screen empowers a more creative mind than any other. They are appropriate for making round and creative LED screen projects. This kind of Adaptable LED screen are well known in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Al Ain. What makes this different is how the screen module stands out by its extreme lightweight plan: no shader, no holes, nothing to meddle with the view in sight. It is ideal for those Brands & Corporates needing a non-conventional LED arrangement given its lightweight and capacity to bend, curve, crease, and hold fast to almost any metal surface.

These Adaptable Modules Series are accessible in the accompanying pixel pitches: P1.6, P1.9, P2.5, P3, P4, P5

These power supplies can be mounted, broadening the existence of the LED Structure and keeping the eventful outcome rich, full of life and brightening, having you standout. Easy to build concave, Convex and Cylindrical shapes


With up to 70 percentage transparency, the Outside See-through transparent LED Series is intended for fixed establishments and areas in Dubai/UAE with existing structures of glass exterior. Transparent LED makes it the ideal answer for outside glass structures or even imaginative lower level installations for this huge configuration advanced signage. To guarantee that your show is consistently distinctive, the high brilliance of the Plunge LEDs will eclipse any immediate daylight. The design of this transparent LED Series is amazingly flimsy and lightweight, simplifying digital innovation and being practical.

The accompanying pixel pitches are qualified for Open-air Straightforward Series PHWIA 3.91/7.8/10/15.6

To guarantee that your show glances perfect in direct daylight, LED boards include Plunge LEDs with a spectacle of up to 8000 Nit. The 12.5mm/8.33 mm variation has a splendor of 8,000 Nit SMD LEDs.

In pretty much every site installation, the Transparent LED Series board's thin profile gives imaginative and creative benefits.

Up to 68 per cent clear, these Series elements can be mounted outwardly of a window without compromising normal light in your room.

Traditional billboards have the disadvantages of hard advertising point development, poor interactivity, low attention, and low replacement efficiency. Dubai Advertising company collaborate with Dahua technology to introduce the Lucency Series LED Display in UAE, This type of LED overcomes all the drawbacks. It transforms the glass shop window, glass curtain wall, large

buildings and interior space in urban commerce into advertising points. Meanwhile, the Lucency Series LED Display provides an immersive experience for customers, adds the attractiveness and interest to summarize, Lucency Series LED display to large extent improves the effectiveness and conversion rate of outdoor advertising.


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