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Logic pro x latency problems free

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UAD gear + Logic Pro X = weird latency issue – – All replies

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My customised iMac Pro is currently the best money can buy. If however I begin recording from the stop position it’s fine If I have no UAD plugins in my session then punching in audio is just fine. Please help cos this is driving me nuts and it’s so frustrating not being able to punch in singers on the fly and making them always sing the entire verse or chorus again.

Also it’s so loooooonnnnnnggggg with it taking time to stop and start. Many thanks in advance My Studio. If you want to run uad plugins while tracking, you need to be using the apollo software instead of running them in protools.

You honestly ought to read the user manual that came with your Apollo Twin. Thank you so much for your responses this far. Also I send those vocals when they playback to a stack track full of UAD plugins. Is there basically no solution? Make sure you do this before you load the song, otherwise it won’t take effect. Don’t forget to untick this and relaunch the song when you’re in full mix mode later on!

The resulting tracks you record by this method will be more accurately placed on time than anything you will be able to achieve by other methods where you’ve already used plugins and virtual instruments of any kind in Logic.

Just load all the newly recorded tracks back into the old arrangement once you’re finished and carry on. Logic’s autocompensation plays hell on the timing of any audio you record, effectively delaying it by the same indeterminate amount.

For me this is wrong, as you might be trying to record a performer whose natural timing is why you are recording them in the first place. So the “plugin-free bounced-backing-track method” is the best guarantee of capturing their feel.

I’m having some similar issues. I have logic sessions where some tracks containing uad plugins have substantial latency during playback.

This can be remedied by setting logics plugin latency compensation to all, however if I track through console while in this mode my recordings will be late. If I change the setting to “audio and sofware instrument tracks” I can track through console be in time, but there is plugin latency on playback in logic. However, projects with higher sample rates create larger audio files, which can increase the load on the processor and the disk of your Mac.

Plug-ins also require more processing power at higher sample rates. However, smaller buffer sizes require more processing power, which can cause system overload alerts. Roundtrip latency is the total amount of input monitoring latency you’ll experience from audio input to audio output.

Certain plug-ins can contribute to input monitoring latency, particularly dynamics plug-ins with look-ahead functions. If you’re using these kinds of plug-ins in a project, you can minimize the latency they produce while recording using Low Latency Mode. Low Latency Mode bypasses plug-ins as needed, so the amount of latency doesn’t exceed the Limit setting in the Plug-in Latency section of the General Audio preferences of Logic Pro.

Low latency mode is especially useful when you want to record a software instrument in a project that includes latency-inducing plug-ins. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information. Set the sample rate of your project Set the sample rate for your project when you first create it.



Logic pro x latency – Apple Community.One moment, please

Yes No. I’m having some similar issues. You honestly ought to read the user manual that came with your Apollo Twin. Published Date: November 12, It looks like low latency setting in logic corrects the audio delay, but it bypass plugins. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.


Logic Pro X – Sudden Latency Issues – Apple Community.

I’m using the latest version of Logic Pro X with the latest OS on a MBP I’m still on Logic in Mojave and I’m problem free. When recording audio or playing a software instrument in Logic Pro, you might experience a slight delay between playing or singing a note. Latency is mostly induced by plugins. If you have some projects that have more latency than others, it’s the plugins in use in that project that.

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